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Home Let Managed is for those landlords who are looking for a “hands off” service with complete reassurance and piece of mind everything is taking care of. Our full management service is comprehensive yet extremely competitive.

We will deal with every aspect of letting your property, from marketing and viewings, to serving legal notices, carrying out inspections and dealing with deposit returns. We will allocate every property a dedicated property manager to act as the landlord and tenant’s first point of contact for all maintenance issues.

It’s often the small inconveniences  that can turn managing a property into a real headache for DIY landlords. Whether you already have a tenant in residence or are looking for a new tenant, we can manage the "headaches" for you. We can manage just a single property for you or we can manage portfolios of any size!

Home Let Managed, really is a simple solution for landlords. You hand us a set of keys and we do the rest. We’ll simply deduct our fee from your monthly rent (as we will be collecting the rent for you as part of the service) and send you the balance every month. Our Property Management service, is a service which gives you complete peace of mind.

* Minimum fee for Home Let Managed applies.

Put simply, we’ll put your property in front of the biggest audience of tenants in the UK.  Your property will feature on Rightmove, On The Market and our own website.

More eyes on your properties means more enquiries, which will lead to a reduction in void periods, attracting the best tenant and securing the highest rental value.

In this Web-connected age of the Google, Facebook and Twitter, the aspect of your property’s kerb appeal is almost entirely online. Believe it or not, an astounding 98 percent of tenants start their property search online. Adding high-quality photos is one of the simplest ways to improve a home’s online presence.

Good property photographs helps to create that all important first impression. When prospective tenants arrange to view the property they will arrive in a positive frame of mind. This can significantly increase the chance of securing the best tenant.

But a bad photograph can do the opposite almost instantaneously and since an astounding 90 percent of home buyers look at online listings before they consider seeing a house in person. Poor quality photographs can loose you good tenants with one click.

If you decide to appoint us as your letting agent we will always use professional photography in the marketing of your property.

As part of the marketing package offered with the Home Let Online option, we will erect a To Let board outside your property if appropriate.

As we will be conducting the viewings with Home Let Managed – we will arrange to meet each individual prospective tenant.  We do not do operate an open house policy nor nor do we use independent viewing agents.    The viewing appointment is our opportunity to interview the prospective tenant therefore we consider the viewing as important as the reference checks.

We negotiate the best terms as your Letting Agent – price, date on entry and duration.

Once the application and terms of the lease agreement have been approved by yourself – we will prepare the necessary legal paperwork for  issue to the tenant for signing

At this point we will provide the tenant with the required safety certificates

We will arrange to meet your new at the property and complete a “check-in”.  We do not allow tenants to collect keys from ourselves, they must complete a check-in and we operate evening and weekend appointments times in order to accommodate the tenants personal situation.

At the check-in meeting we will walk the tenant through the property which will help them become familiarised with the workings of the property. We will go through the following;

  • How to operate the cooker, washing machine, central heating, shower, hot water any other appliances.
  • Where the stop cock is.
  • Where the meters are.
  • What do to in an emergency.
  • How to request a repair.
  • Regulations – Landlord Gas Safety, Electrical Inspection, Condition Report, Fire Safety

The amount of deposit we collect varies from property to property and depending on your specific requirements. There are some situations we may collect a deposit equivalent to the monthly rent or we collect a deposit in excess of the monthly rent and in some circumstances the deposit maybe less. The maximum allowed in law is two times the monthly rent.  We will agree with you the amount of deposit you want to secure.

All deposits received from tenants must be lodged with an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme provider by law. We have chosen to lodge our deposits with SafeDeposits Scotland. We will ensure that this is done within the required timescales and that tenants receive the correct Prescribed Information.

When the tenancy ends we will organise and negotiate the end of tenancy dilapidation claims and deposit returns.

As part of our full management service we will ensure gas, electric and council tax accounts are switched from the landlord into the tenants name. This is a simple task however utility companies and councils are not great when billing so if you receive any correspondence which is incorrect – send this to us and we will deal with it.

We’ll collect your rent and send a statement every month telling you the amount you have received, and about any charges to your account.

All our tenancies are set up with a rent due date on the first of the month and your payment date will be on the 5th of the month. (depending on the Banks processing restrictions).

You will have received prior notification of any maintenance or compliance deductions so they will be no nasty shocks when you receive your payment from us.

We are extremely vigilant with regards to rent collection and will always keep you informed of the status quo.  Our aim is to ensure your rent is paid on time every time however sometimes things can go wrong and when they do we will pursue unpaid rent on your behalf .  We have established relationships in place with solicitors and sheriff officers who we will call upon if required.

Our team of property inspectors will arrange to inspect your property 3 times in the first 12 months and bi-annually thereafter.

Hopefully everything runs smoothly whilst your tenant is living in your property however, should there be an issue then we will make you aware of the problem in the first instance and then agree the best way to resolve it.

From bed bugs to leaking roofs we have team of dedicated and skilled professionals who are capable of dealing with any issue which may arise.


The Scottish tenancy system establishes the legal agreement between tenant and landlord, and is an important part of making sure the private rented sector functions well.

On 1 December 2017 a new type of tenancy – the private residential tenancy – came into force, replacing the assured and short assured tenancy agreements for all new tenancies.

Known as a PRT, this type of tenancy offers you peace of mind with its open-ended nature. That’s right – no more worrying about end dates. With a PRT, your tenancy doesn’t come with renewal fees either.


At the end of the tenancy, your tenant will have received a copy of the “Check Out Procedure” – basically we are looking for the property to be returned  in the condition in which it was let – minus any ware and tear of course.

We’ll organise the check-out Inventory report and assess it to see if there is any need to make a claim against your tenants damage deposit. If we think a claim is required, we will handle all negotiations with your tenants, and if unsuccessful we will process a claim to Safe Deposit Scotland with a written report as required and evidence to support our claim. Once settled, we will handle the repayment of any agreed funds to both parties.

You will receive a detailed management report each month showing all the financial transactions on your account. Any maintenance work carried out will also be detailed.

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