Hopefully everything runs smoothly whilst living in your new home however, should there be an issue we operate an On-Line Maintenance, Repairs and Issue reporting system. Please use the link below and ensure that you complete the report as thoroughly as possible, with a full description and photographs of the issue.

Report an issue here

By using the above reporting system you will receive a confirmation email , you will not need to report it again. You will need to make a new report if you have multiple issues.

Maintenance issues reported in this way will be given priority over emails or phone calls unless of course you have an Emergency.

If there is a repair required to the property, it is important that you inform us immediately in order for us to act quickly to resolve this. It is a condition of your tenancy agreement to do so and failure may mean that you are held partially responsible should the delay result in added deterioration or damage. Once you have informed us of any repairs, faults or problems we will contact your landlord and act upon their instructions.

Please note that while we have a 24 hour service, only emergency repairs will be carried out within a 24 hour period. A guideline to repair time is as follows:

  • Urgent Priority Repairs (24-48 Hours)

Heating, Hot Water, Major Electrical Faults, Security Issues, Leaks

  • Urgent Repairs (48-72 Hours)

Hobs, Oven, Radiators, Major Joinery Repairs, Showers, Fridge  Freezer, Minor Plumbing

  • Non Urgent Repairs (4-7 Days)

Minor Electrical, Washing Machine, Replace Seals, Secure Tiles,  Cracked Window, Dishwasher.

If there is a fault with an appliance which is under warranty or parts are required these timescales do not apply as we will be at the mercy of the manufacturer.

We will undertake to have repairs carried out as quickly as possible; however the contractor appointed may set their own timescale for completing the repair depending on how urgent it is. Please inform us if you are experiencing any lengthy delays if a contractor has been appointed. We will also be happy to provide the contractor’s details, if you believe a repair is taking longer than necessary.

Home Lettings Scotland does not have authority to carry out repairs without your Landlord’s permission, and this, plus quotations may add on time to the guideline timescales above. Some landlords carry out their own repairs and unfortunately there may be times where we have no control over when a landlord will attend to a repair but we will always do our best to ensure this is done as quickly as possible.

Please contact us if there is an issue with this.


It is ultimately the tenant’s responsibility to allow access or be available to allow access for any repairs to be carried out in the property.

If you are willing to allow contractors access to carry out a repair while you are not present in the property, we will ask you if we may give keys to them. This is a service which Home Lettings Scotland offers as a convenience to tenants. If you have agreed to be at home to give a contractor access to carry out a repair or to take delivery of an item, but are not there when they call, you maybe charged for any costs associated with the delivery or the repair.


If a repair is due to tenant negligence or misuse, the tenant will be required to pay the cost of this at the time or pay the contractors invoice directly.  Any such outstanding charges will be deducted from deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Out of Office Hours Emergency
An emergency is a situation where unless immediate action is taken is likely to cause substantial damage to the property or present a serious risk to the occupiers.
If a genuine emergency occurs outside of normal working hours then please contact either

  • Emergency services – 999
  • Gas Leaks – National Grid,
  • Scottish Water or your Energy supplier if appropriate.

Emergencies should be reported immediately. If the emergency arises outside normal office hours (i.e. 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday), call our office 0131 620 8888 and leave a voicemail message. Messages are automatically sent to the team mobile phone number therefore it is important you leave a message.

If you do not receive a response within 1 hour of leaving a message please contact 07525 206 253.

Should you receive no response and the problem is so severe then you can source a suitably qualified contractor to stabilise the situation – i.e. prevent any further damage or risk, and advise us of the situation the following day so that we can arrange for any further repairs to be carried out by our vetted contractors. You will only be reimbursed for call-outs in cases of genuine emergencies and upon presentation of a receipt, so please be reasonable and do not authorise works other than those necessary to mitigate the emergency.
Note that if we make an emergency call out and it is determined that the problem is not an emergency after all, and that it could have been dealt with during normal office hours, or if the problem has arisen as a result of tenant mis-use, you will be charged the cost plus an administration fee for using the out of office hours emergency service.

Examples of Emergencies:

  • No Heating – Perceived as an emergency between the months of November to March and only if the habitants are vulnerable (i.e. elderly or young).
  • Gas Leaks – You should call the National Grid (formerly Transco) in the first instance on 0800 111 999.
  • No Hot Water – Only if you are going to be left without hot water for more than 24 hours (e.g. over the weekend).
  • Lack of Power Supply – Considered an emergency if there is a total loss throughout the property. However first check that all fuses / circuit breakers are live and that power is on to neighbouring properties.
  • Total Lack of Water Supply – The water supplier should be contacted in the first instance to ensure that works are not being carried out in the area.
  • Plumbing Leaks – Considered an emergency if it cannot be contained and is causing damage, especially if penetrating an electrical fitting. You should isolate the leak by turning the water off at the stopcock or gate valve.
  • Roof Leaks – Considered an emergency if the leak is causing major damage or is penetrating an electrical fitting.
  • Damage to Roofs – Considered an emergency if hazardous, such as slates possibly falling on to a public highway.
  • Downpipes & Gutters – Considered an emergency only if water is entering the building causing major damage or a loose part is dangerous and cannot be made safe.
  • Broken Windows – You should notify the police in the first instance and obtain a crime reference number unless the damage has been caused by you, in which case, the cost will be recharged to you.
  • Burglary – If the property can no longer be secured as a result of a break-in, e.g. damaged door, you should notify the police in the first instance and obtain a crime reference number. A ground floor window being jammed open or an inoperable lock would also be considered an emergency.
  • Lockouts – If as a result of losing a key or locking it inside the property, you should call a local locksmith, at your own expense, you will also be responsible for replacing all sets of keys. You may be covered for the costs of the replacement by your insurance provider.


  • If you lock yourself out of the property keys are available from the office during normal working hours (Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm) however £30 must be left as deposit.
  • If as a result of losing a key or locking it inside the property, you should call a local locksmith, at your own expense, you will also be responsible for replacing all sets of keys. You may be covered for the costs of the replacement by your insurance provider.
  • Alternatively we do have an emergency Locksmith if you lock yourself out outwith our opening times. The cost of any emergency contractor would have to be met by you and probably will have to be settled on the spot.  Our emergency contractors do not have access to our keys.
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